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8. What types of drive shaft bearings are best?• IMM Quality Boat Lifts

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8. What types of drive shaft bearings are best?

There are basically three types of drive bearings: 1. Ball or Roller Bearings may seem great, but they are not durable because of corrosion and because they are not engineered for low RPM, high load conditions. 2. Metal to Metal: Some manufacturers use bronze, while some use aluminum or even plastic bearings. In both cases, they require frequent lubrication and maintenance. We feel that a boat lift should free up your time, not use it up with additional chores. 3. Maintenance-free, engineered polymer bearings are a very high tech, self-lubricating material. Imm Quality boat lifts have used these bearings for many years, and our Igus tribopolymer bearings have never worn out. They are dirt resistant, corrosion-free, quiet, reduce maintenance costs and increase the service life of our lifts. We use Igus maintenance-free bearings on all of our lift lines.

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