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Quality Boat Lifts and IMM Boat Lifts Merge

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Since its founding in Fort Myers, FL in 1990, Quality Boat Lifts has become the leading supplier of marine grade aluminum boat lifts in Europe and North America.  Our founder’s goal was to bring world-class engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods to an industry dominated by garage shop operations.  Quality Boat Lifts is committed to manufacturing lifts that are safe, long-lasting, dependable, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and we are dedicated to developing products that will exceed our customer’s expectations.  In keeping with this commitment, we use only the very best materials and manufacturing techniques available in the industry.  You cannot get higher quality or a better value anywhere else in the boat lift industry.


In 2008, Quality Boat Lifts merged with another boat lift company located in Fort Myers, FL – IMM Boat Lifts.  The combined company, Imm Quality Boat Lifts is the largest manufacturer of boat lifts in the world.  The merger combined the innovative ideas at IMM Boat Lifts with the rigorous engineering and sophisticated manufacturing capabilities of Quality Boat Lifts.  Our superior engineering and innovation have resulted in more patents for Imm Quality Boat Lifts than every other boat lift company combined.  Although we have the most advanced designs in the industry, Imm Quality Boat Lifts continues to develop new features and improvements for boat lifts.  While all the other boat lift manufacturers try to play catch up, Imm Quality Boat Lifts continues to lead the field.


Imm Quality Boat Lifts has been family owned and operated since inception, with over three generations of fabricating experience and engineering knowledge.  Our longevity in business and unmatched warranty are a testament to our claim that we manufacture the world’s best boat lifts.  Dependability was key when IMM built our first lift way back in 1982, and it still is today.  We believe that your time on the water should be spent relaxing with family and friends, not fixing broken equipment.  Rest assured, that with an Imm Quality boat lift you can relax and enjoy your time on the water doing what you love.


Please feel free to explore the Imm Quality Boat Lifts website, send us an e-mail at [email protected], or call us Toll-Free at (800) 545-5603 to see how we can find a solution that best fits your boat lift needs.


IMM Quality Boat Lifts is the world’s leading manufacturer of aluminum boat lifts, including personal watercraft (PWC), elevator, boathouse, Alumavator, Platinum, Superlift and Titan yacht boat lifts models. Located in Southwest Florida, we design and develop our own boat lifts in-house at our manufacturing facility and ship world-wide. Let our 30+ years of boat lifting experience help you design the perfect lift for your boat, complete with an industry-leading warranty. Contact us or use our dealer locator today.

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