Boat Lift Testimonials

The Superlift boat lift is vastly superior to other lifts I have owned

Larry Ryerson

Just wanted to let you know what a great job you did installing my 22,000# Superlift Hi-Speed. Thanks to your coordination, everything during the installation went smoothly, the lift was installed on time and the quality of the work exceeded my expectations.

The Superlift boat lift is vastly superior to other lifts I have owned and used. Speed is very important to me and it is easily the fastest boat lift out there. It is the only thing that can keep up with my Nortech 5000 Vee. The Superlift is super fast, quiet and durable. The powerhead cover is more attractive than the exposed gear boxes found on most lifts. Your contractor did a first class installation, and fine-tuned the bunks and guides to fit my boat and dock perfectly. Kudos to a job well done.I get as many compliments on the lift as I do on the boat! Your lift speaks for itself and it goes without saying that I will give nothing but positive feedback about Imm Quality Boat lifts to my friends and neighbors.Thanks for making a great product!

The pictures do not do your boat lift justice

Rakesh and Seema Rihani

Seema and I just wanted to tell you again how happy we are with your service and attention to detail during the purchase and installation of the 20,000 lb Alumavator boat lift for our Boston Whaler 350 Outrage. The installation by your contractor was handled with ease and we especially appreciated the extra time and design work your team put in customizing the lift and platforms to access the boat.

We were very impressed by your honesty and integrity. Not only are we elderly, but we are immigrants and unfortunately, we have found that many businesses will try to take advantage of us. We never felt this way with you. It seemed that our happiness was your first priority and you were very patient explaining lift technology to us so that we came away with the right lift package to perfectly suit our needs.

Most importantly, we are stunned by the quality of our new lift. The pictures do not do your boat lift justice. It is such a pleasure to come into the marina and use the remote to lower our lift, pull right on and be able to step right out of the boat onto the dock. The Alumavator boat lift is quiet, reliable and user friendly. We very highly recommend IMM Quality Boat Lifts to our friends and family and if we need a bigger lift in the future we will definitely come to you for that purchase.

Thank you very much for helping make my dream complete

Christopher Gidden

Before purchasing the IMM Quality Boat Lifts Platinum lift I researched several other manufacturers and saw several lifts at the boat show. I also made a visit to your facility in Fort Myers and was given a tour of the factory and met several of your staff. I was determined to not only get the best value for my money, but the best overall product. After weeks of research and analyzing just about every boat lift system and company in Florida I chose a Platinum lift for so many reasons.

I was blown away during the factory tour. Nobody else has the hi-tech CNC machines you guys use. I can’t believe you design and make every part for your lifts in house, when everyone else orders them in from China and slaps them together. I proudly support products that are made in America. I can’t say enough about the Platinum’s excellent design, the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship with which my lift was built.

In addition to the quality of the product and supporting a local business, I decided to purchase an IMM Quality lift because of the knowledgeable staff and employees. Dan and Shawn were extremely helpful in getting every piece of information needed to custom design the lift for my boat. Your customer service was second to none and that makes all the difference. You went out of your way to help coordinate the installation, and helped me find an electrician that was knowledgeable about boat lift electrical requirements.

You see, this lift is for my dream boat and I worked many years to achieve my dream. In the end the decision was an easy one, I wanted my new Sea Ray 510 Sundancer on the strongest and most reliable lift on the market. I know I made the right decision because the service after the sale has been equally outstanding, the lift works flawlessly, is extremely simple to use and like your slogan says, the Platinum lift is built for a lifetime.

I was blown away by the professionalism and top-notch customer service

Joe Cardaci

We’ve been boating for a number of years now, and only recently were introduced to IMM Quality Boat Lifts. I wanted to thank you for the all-around experience that I recently had with the installation of my 16K lb. Alumavator four-post boat lift. I was exceedingly impressed with the professionalism of your company from day one. In this day and age of unreliable service, I was blown away by the professionalism and top-notch customer service I received from start to finish. From taking the initial measurements, to answering all of my questions, to the smooth and well planned installation, to adjusting the lift on-site and to properly explaining how to run and maintain the lift, you made sure that everything was done correctly. I really appreciated the fact that you went the extra mile. The small details made all the difference. I’d recommend IMM Quality Boat Lifts to anyone that is looking for a reliable and easy to use lift system and a company that stands behind their product.

I can’t count the number of neighbors who have come by and been blown away by it.

Eric Ancarrow

Finally got everything done and couldn’t be happier. I posted up a thread on Offshoreonly of my project. Hopefully you don’t mind, but if you do please let me know and I’ll remove. Naturally I wouldn’t say anything about pricing to anyone. Here’s the thread.

I had a guy pull up in the canal the other day and start asking me questions about it. Said they were down at the local marina and everyone was talking about it and he just had to come see it. I can’t count the number of neighbors who have come by and been blown away by it.

I attached a couple pictures, just in case you can’t see the ones in that thread.

Thanks again.

I can’t think of a better product testimonial than a loyal, repeat customer.

Anthony Rector, Long Beach, NY

I purchased a Quality Boat Lifts 13,000 lb. Alum-A-Vator boat lift in 2002 for my home on Lake Macatawa in Holland, Michigan. I have maintained the lift simply by greasing the fittings, inspecting cables, and inspecting motor gears and pulleys. I have never had a service call or a warranty claim in the eight years I have owned the lift. The lift looks and performs like the day it was installed.

I am buying a new boat this year and will exceed the capacity of my lift by just a few hundred pounds; but due to weight distribution issues, have decided to buy a bigger lift. I never hesitated or looked at a different lift and will be buying a 16,000 lb. Alum-A-Vator next week. I can’t think of a better product testimonial than a loyal, repeat customer. Thank you for producing a superior product that performs exactly as advertised.

IMM Quality Boat Lifts meet and exceeds all expectations

Ed Simonetti

I would like to express my sincere thanks to IMM/Quality Boat Lifts and their staff for my experience in purchasing a new boat lift. After meeting Dan Delorenzo sales rep at the New York Boat Show and speaking with him in regards to the purchase of my 16000lb Elevator Lift I was immediately put at ease. I found myself in the presence of a true professional who displayed the utmost knowledge and patience in explaining why IMM/Quality Boat Lifts are set apart from their competition with their structural integrity and quality. In February 2010 I purchased a 16,000lb capacity elevator lift, model 16ELASPF with Tiger Shark Motors and had it installed at my waterfront residence. I have been very pleased with the IMM/Quality Boat Lift since it provides a quiet smooth entry and exit for my boat and offers maximum cradle support using engineering which insures that the lifting force is centered on the tracks and trouble free. IMM Quality Boat Lifts meet and exceeds all expectations and are built with the strongest and highest quality materials on the market today. Thanks you so much Dan Delorenzo for you knowledge, guidance and patience during my purchase. It is not an accident or surprise that your company and product are by far leaders in the industry.

If I repair 1% of what I sell a year I would be amazed

Chris Flint – President/CEO Flint Marine Construction, Virginia beach VA

I have been with quality boatlifts for over 10 years now. I sell 90-150 lifts a year and have almost no warranty work associated with quality boatlifts. Years ago I sold local lifts and was always getting calls from late night boaters about why I had to come fix their lifts from cheap manufacturing I got sick of losing money on this and chose to ship from outta state, pay 500 dollars shipping, an extra fee and been happily selling and installing ever since. If I repair 1% of what I sell a year I would be amazed.

You are a spectacular exception to that “rule”

C. Edward McGee, Jr., Esq.

Dear Mr. Nanda, In the 21st Century, “the customer is always right” is as common as the T-Rex. You are a man of honor who keeps his word. Sadly, many people do not fully honor their promises. Even when pressed for performance, or governed by written contracts, far too many people resist, avoid and try to hide from their responsibilities. It has almost become the “rule”, rather than the rare occurrence. You are a spectacular exception to that “rule”. It has been a personal and professional pleasure to deal with you. Those customers who have been intelligent and fortunate enough to choose your company have truly obtained the services of the finest outfit in your industry.

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