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Christopher Gidden • IMM Quality Boat Lifts

Christopher Gidden

Before purchasing the Imm Quality Boat Lifts Platinum lift I researched several other manufacturers and saw several lifts at the boat show. I also made a visit to your facility in Fort Myers and was given a tour of the factory and met several of your staff. I was determined to not only get the best value for my money but the best overall product. After weeks of research and analyzing just about every lift system and company in Florida I chose a Platinum lift for so many reasons.

I was blown away during the factory tour. Nobody else has the hi-tech CNC machines you guys use. I can’t believe you design and make every part for your lifts in house, when everyone else orders them in from China and slaps them together. I proudly support products that are made in America. I can’t say enough about the Platinum’s excellent design, the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship with which my lift was built.

In addition to the quality of the product and supporting a local business, I decided to purchase an Imm Quality lift because of the knowledgeable staff and employees. Dan and Shawn were extremely helpful in getting every piece of information needed to custom design the lift for my boat. Your customer service was second to none and that makes all the difference. You went out of your way to help coordinate the installation, and helped me find an electrician that was knowledgeable about boat lift electrical requirements.

You see, this lift is for my dream boat and I worked many years to achieve my dream. In the end the decision was an easy one, I wanted my new Sea Ray 510 Sundancer on the strongest and most reliable lift on the market. I know I made the right decision because the service after the sale has been equally outstanding, the lift works flawlessly, is extremely simple to use and like your slogan says, the Platinum lift is built for a lifetime.

Thank you very much for helping make my dream complete.

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