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Larry Ryerson • IMM Quality Boat Lifts

Larry Ryerson

Just wanted to let you know what a great job you did installing my 22,000# Superlift Hi-Speed. Thanks to your coordination, everything during the installation went smoothly, the lift was installed on time and the quality of the work exceeded my expectations.

The Superlift is vastly superior to other lifts I have owned and used. Speed is very important to me and it is easily the fastest boat lift out there. It is the only thing that can keep up with my Nortech 5000 Vee. The Superlift is super fast, quiet and durable. The powerhead cover is more attractive than the exposed gear boxes found on most lifts. Your contractor did a first class installation and fine-tuned the bunks and guides to fit my boat and dock perfectly. Kudos to a job well done.I get as many compliments on the lift as I do on the boat! Your lift speaks for itself and it goes without saying that I will give nothing but positive feedback about Imm Quality Boat Lifts to my friends and neighbors.Thanks for making a great product!

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