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Ed Simonetti • IMM Quality Boat Lifts

Ed Simonetti

I would like to express my sincere thanks to IMM/Quality Boat Lifts and their staff for my experience in purchasing a new lift. After meeting Dan Delorenzo sales rep at the New York Boat Show and speaking with him in regards to the purchase of my 16000lb Elevator Lift I was immediately put at ease. I found myself in the presence of a true professional who displayed the utmost knowledge and patience in explaining why IMM/Quality Boat Lifts are set apart from their competition with their structural integrity and quality. In February 2010 I purchased a 16,000lb capacity elevator lift, model 16ELASPF with Tiger Shark Motors and had it installed at my waterfront residence. I have been very pleased with the IMM/Quality Lift since it provides a quiet smooth entry and exit for my boat and offers maximum cradle support using engineering which ensures the lifting force is centered on the tracks and trouble free. Their Lifts meet and exceeds all expectations and are built with the strongest and highest quality materials on the market today. Thanks you so much Dan Delorenzo for you knowledge, guidance and patience during my purchase. It is not an accident or surprise that your company and product are by far leaders in the industry.

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