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Bill Sturgeon • IMM Quality Boat Lifts

Bill Sturgeon

I purchased a 13,000 lb. Alum-A-Vator lift in 2002 for my home on Lake Macatawa in Holland, Michigan. I have maintained the lift simply by greasing the fittings, inspecting cables, and inspecting motor gears and pulleys. I have never had a service call or a warranty claim in the eight years I have owned the lift. The lift looks and performs like the day it was installed.

I am buying a new boat this year and will exceed the capacity of my lift by just a few hundred pounds; but due to weight distribution issues, have decided to buy a bigger lift. I never hesitated or looked at a different lift and will be buying a 16,000 lb. Alum-A-Vator next week. I can’t think of a better product testimonial than a loyal, repeat customer. Thank you for producing a superior product that performs exactly as advertised.

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