Paddle Through These Five Benefits Of Using A Kayak Lift

Paddle Through These Six Benefits of Using a Kayak Lift

Living on the water has been a long-time dream of yours. Besides delivering daily spectacular views, your waterfront home gives you the chance to do more kayaking. Kayaking is a proven way to tone muscles, increase weight loss, and reduce stress. However, just like everything else in life, your success with kayaking depends on the

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Custom Retractable Bridge on the Florida Keys

Excited to share this new project, a Retractable bridge custom built on the Upper Keys in Florida by our engineering department at IMM Quality Boat Lifts. (Vlotbrug bridge) This Bridge joins two separate islands and by regulation there was not an option just to build a fixed bridge but needed to be able to leave

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6 Benefits Of Owning A Boat

6 Benefits of Owning a Boat

Owning a boat can open up new opportunities that are simply not possible for people who are stuck on dry land. With so many types and sizes to choose from, it doesn’t matter whether your objective is to fish local waters or travel around the world. Many boats are large enough to accommodate several people,

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Don't Ignore These Five Factors When Buying Your Next Boat Lift

Don’t Ignore These Five Factors When Buying Your Next Boat Lift

You’ve decided to go beyond traditional staycations and backyard barbecues and buy a boat. This lifestyle upgrade offers great family fun, but it requires some maintenance to keep your investment looking and performing at its best. A boat that’s docked on a sea coast or lake front throughout the year is harder to clean, and

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Choosing The Right Boat Lift From Imm Quality Boat Lifts

Choosing the Right Boat Lift From IMM Quality Boat Lifts

Not all boat lifts are created equal. However, all of the models at IMM Quality Boat Lifts are superbly engineered. We don’t just want to provide boat lifts that work. We want to provide equipment that stands the test of time. Owning a boat lift is a must for most boat owners. It’s not only

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Boat Lift Accessories For Lifting, Docking, Storing And Making Repairs

Boat Lift Accessories for Lifting, Docking, Storing and Making Repairs

Lift accessories for boat lifts can make your life much easier by eliminating hassles and increasing safety. For example, guide-ins can save time and prevent docking difficulties. Floodlights increase safety and convenience. Hull supports can keep your sailboat or motorboat secure, and wireless remotes offer you the ability to control technology accessories. Choosing The Right

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