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Image Extend-The-Life-Of-Your-Boat-Lift-Canopy-1

Extend The Life Of Your Boat Lift Canopy

Whether you live in the North, where canopies are removed for winter, or in the South, where they tend to be a more permenant fixture, boat lift canopy care, and maintenance will postpone the need for replacement. Regardless of the fabric material of your canopy, it cannot withstand the harsh weather forever. Your boat lift

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Image 4-Things-to-Look-for-When-Buying-a-Used-Boat

4 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Boat

Are you thinking about becoming a boat owner? Good for you! Boating is great for your health. It can help decrease stress and get you some healthy Vitamin D, too. However, if you’re considering purchasing a used boat, you’ll need to do some thorough detective work to make sure you’re not getting a lemon. But don’t

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Why Use A Boat Lift? A Complete Guide

Many new boat owners aren’t sure whether to invest in a boat lift or not. To help clarify whether it’s the right choice for you, let’s first go over what a boat lift is. A boat lift is a device that allows you to lift your craft from the water. This comes with many benefits,

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Image Yacht-vs-Boat-Whats-the-Difference-Between-the-Two

Yacht vs Boat: What’s the Difference Between the Two?

All yachts are boats, but not all boats are yachts. Even so, call a yacht a boat and the owner might get upset with you. Wait, what? Even though a yacht is technically a boat, it’s not considered to be as classy. So the owner might not be too happy if you call his pride

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Image Your-Expert-Guide-to-Jet-Ski-Lifts

Your Expert Guide to Jet Ski Lifts

That time you’ve dreamed about for years has finally come: you’ve bought yourself a jet ski, and you couldn’t be happier. Sunny days on the water are right around the corner, and you can’t wait to hit the waves on your new craft. But first: you need to get it home, and get it ready for

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Press Release May 11, 2018

IMM Quality Boat Lifts Invests in Additional CNC Machines! Fort Myers, FL May 11, 2018 – IMM Quality Boat Lifts, the world’s leading manufacturer of boat lifts, continues to grow and expand capacity to meet strong customer demand.  This new equipment forms part of our ongoing $2.5 million equipment and facility expansion initiative that began last

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